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  • Planning, Development & Public Policy Planning, Development & Public Policy

    Finding Solutions for Positive Growth

    We work with local business, government, and community organizations to identify planning and development needs and to implement solutions for economic development in infrastructure, housing, essential services and cultural offerings. Planning and development examples include:

    • Expand high-speed internet availability to the Gorge.

    • Extend the walkway from Lake Lure to Chimney Rock Village.

    • Attract development partners for the Lake Lure Town Center.

    • Establish conference center capabilities, recruit mid-week events.

    • Facilitate the development of starter homes and apartments.

    • Expand retirement and relocation efforts

  • Your Partner in Public Policy Issues Your Partner in Public Policy Issues

    Where feasible, the Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge will lead coalitions and mobilize resources to advocate on behalf of businesses and community stakeholders to promote economic development. Public Policy and Advocacy examples:

    • Lobby local government in support of pro-business and pro-growth policies.

    • Achieve community goals by assisting in the development, modification or elimination of burdensome or outdated regulations.

    • Develop leaders in the community; identify and develop candidates for local elected office that support businesses, economic prosperity, and community improvement.