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  • Celebrating Our Community by Bringing Members & Visitors Together Celebrating Our Community by Bringing Members & Visitors Together

    We create, host or facilitate a variety of programs and events to support our members, promote tourism, and foster resident engagement, all while directly and indirectly generating revenues to support Chamber programs. 

    One such highly successful program for our members is the Chamber Cheers Events.  Our regular Cheers events present our members with an effective and affordable way to get into some grassroots marketing to grow your business concentrically.

    Why the HNG Chamber Cheers Program can be one of your best local marketing tools:

    1. It's an excellent "all in one shot" approach to shine a light on your business and its distinctive products and services.

    2. It's a perfect time to make special announcements, celebrate a milestone, unveil something new about your business, or welcome the community to a newly opened business.

    3. It solidifies the loyalty of your base - those residents and fellow businesses of Hickory Nut Gorge who are most likely to share information about your business with others, (word of mouth marketing).

    4. Through special offers, exclusive discounts for attendees, or advance promotion of your Chamber Cheers event, it's an opportunity to invite your customers to attend, thus giving them a call to action to come back later to do business with you! 

    5. It's customizable - hold your Chamber Cheers event on a day and time that works best for you.

    6. It has budget flexibility.  Make it as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Many members even join forces and "co-host" a Cheers event. Some even get their regular vendors to pitch in freebies and other donations of food and/or beverages. 

    7. Free advertising: The Chamber will handle the lion's share of advance promotion of your Cheers event via social media, websites, e-blasts, and day-of pictures. We will also promote the event in real-time on social media and afterward as well. As the Cheers host, you will also receive a Member Spotlight article in the Chamber's e-newsletter about your business. 

    Call or email the Chamber today to create your next great local marketing event!