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  • We had to cancel Valentine's Fireworks because of the rain. Come join us on the first day of Spring to celebrate our Spring Sparkles Firework Celebration. Saturday, March 20th, 8:00 pm. Grab something to go from our many local restaurants and view from your vehicles anywhere around the Lake Lure Beach and Marina area. A special thanks to Frank at Starfire Pytrotechnics for hosting the show.


  • Cancellation Announcement - Dirty Dancing Festival 2021 Cancellation Announcement - Dirty Dancing Festival 2021

    March 10, 2021
    CANCELLATION ANNOUNCEMENT- Once again, it is with a heavy heart we must deliver the news that the Dirty Dancing Festival is pressing pause on the 2021 event September 24th and 25th. 

    We had no idea, when we postponed last year, we would still be working through a pandemic over a year later.

    While we strongly believe outdoor festivals and events will open up later in the year, it is still highly uncertain if that will be late Summer, Fall or even Winter.  With the financial loss of cancelling the event last year, the long term planning it requires, and the large number of volunteers required, we could not take on the risk.   

    The festival requires the year-round dedication of our volunteer committee to plan and execute the two-day movie-inspired entertainment hub for thousands of fans to attend. 

    The mission of the Dirty Dancing Festival is to raise awareness and funds towards the two charities we hold dear to our hearts, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and the Hickory Nut Gorge Chamber of Commerce.

    In lieu of this year’s festival, we are developing a couple “smaller” and  more easily managed fundraisers for the same weekend, September 24 and 25, 2021.  These will allow an opportunity to support your Chamber, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and still have the time of your life.   

    Stay tuned for more information to come!

    We thank our dedicated fans, annual participants, devoted volunteers, vendors, and supporters for your continuous backing, generosity, and passion for the Dirty Dancing Festival to carry on!

    Dirty Dancing Festival Committee Members

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    The Gorge is a warm and inviting community with a host of amenities for every age and interest. Here, we balance work and play because we understand that an office doesn’t always require four walls. Click here
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    Discover a place for outdoor adventures, relaxing inns, rustic hideaways, charming shops, waterfront strolls, or a hike in the forest. Here, time stands still, nature reigns, smiles are abundant, and visitors will experience a profound sense of peace.  Click here
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    Hickory Nut Gorge is a 20,000-acre, 14-mile-long canyon that cuts a picturesque pass as deep as 1,800 feet through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Abundant in undisturbed forests, waterfalls, and granite cliffs, the Gorge is home to the communities of Gerton, Bat Cave, Chimney Rock Village, Lake Lure, and Bill’s Creek. Click here
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    Your Chamber is comprised of dedicated residents and business owners who work to promote economic progress and quality of life in Hickory Nut Gorge. By advocating for business-friendly policies and protecting the natural integrity of the land, we create an atmosphere that encourages visitation, business growth, and a strong sense of community.  Click here
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