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  • The Town of Lake Lure will be lowering the Lake beginning 1/4/21 until 1/31/21. The Town of Lake Lure will be lowering the Lake beginning 1/4/21 until 1/31/21.

    The Town of Lake Lure will be lowering the Lake beginning 1/4/21 until 1/31/21.

    ·  The purpose of lowering the Lake at this time is for a penstock inspection, dredging, sewer system assessment including a geotechnical investigation, and drone footage of the shoreline and Lake bed. 

    ·  The Lake will be lowered one (1) foot per day and will ultimately be lowered to twelve (12) feet below full pond. 

    ·  The Lake is expected to be (12) feet below pond from 1/15/21 until 1/20/21 and then the Town will begin refilling the Lake at a rate of one (1) foot per day.

    ·  The plan is to have the Lake back at full pond by 1/31/21.

    Often, property owners use the Lake drawdown time for construction or maintenance.  Unfortunately, due to the limited drawdown time scheduled in January 2021, concrete will not have enough time to cure (28 days).  Seawall repairs that require concrete will not be permitted without a coffer dam.  In effect, permit requirements will be as if the Lake was at full pond.  

    Thank you for your patience as we continue our work to enhance and preserve Lake Lure for future generations.

  • 01-15-2021 COVID UPDATE 01-15-2021 COVID UPDATE

    On January 14, 2021, NC DHHS adjusted and simplified the vaccination phases. Please see the attached graphic to determine your appropriate group. Therefore going forward, Rutherford County will only be scheduling appointments for healthcare workers and individuals over age 65 at this time. If you already have an appointment scheduled for the week of January 18-24, your appointment will still be honored. If you are a healthcare worker or over age 65, please go to www.rutherfordcovid.com to register. Once you fill out the online form, you will receive a link from the state vaccination system to verify your eligibility. You will also receive a phone call to schedule your appointment. Due to over 3,000 people requesting appointments, it may be over a week before you get a phone call to schedule your appointment. Appointments are made based on the availability of the vaccine locally which may vary week to week. Also, calls may come from a number that is WITHHELD. Please answer your phone if you get a call, so we can make sure you get an appointment scheduled. If you do not have access to a computer, internet or an email address, we are working on a process to assist you and will publicize this process next week so everyone will have the ability to get registered. Vaccines are being administered in a drive thru format (weather permitting) so individuals will not have to get out of their vehicles. Vaccines are only being administered by appointment. If you do not have an appointment, you will not be able to get the vaccine. 01-15-21 COVID Update: Total Positive Cases: 5,473 (+74) Total Deaths: 145 (+7) Percent Positivity Rate for the past 14 days: 19.9% The State Dashboard is located at: https://covid19.ncdhhs.gov/dashboard

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    The Gorge is a warm and inviting community with a host of amenities for every age and interest. Here, we balance work and play because we understand that an office doesn’t always require four walls. Click here
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    Hickory Nut Gorge is a 20,000-acre, 14-mile-long canyon that cuts a picturesque pass as deep as 1,800 feet through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Abundant in undisturbed forests, waterfalls, and granite cliffs, the Gorge is home to the communities of Gerton, Bat Cave, Chimney Rock Village, Lake Lure, and Bill’s Creek. Click here
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