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    News from Executive Director, Laura P. Doster

    July 2019 - Do you know what the five hickory nut tree leaves in our logo symbolize?  They symbolize the connection of our five communities – Lake Lure, Chimney Rock Village, Bat Cave, Bill’s Creek and Gerton. 

    It also represents the deep connection they all have to the Gorge.

    The Hickory tree itself has quite a long history in the Gorge. It is a tree found throughout our dense forests and in the yards of many residents.

    If you look closely at each stalk, you will see a tightly knit collection of several, long narrow leaves that grow from each.  The hickory tree produces a dense, strong, and shock-resistant wood, which reminds us of the strong, inter-connected, and determined spirit of the people of Hickory Nut Gorge.

    Over the past four months, I continue to be amazed at the collaborative, positive, tightly-knit spirit of this community, its leadership and everyone I meet.  From meetings with the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce, Rutherford County Leadership, to the Leaders for the Town of Lake Lure, to the Chimney Rock Village Community Development Association, the Rutherford County Tourism Development Authority, our own HNG Chamber Board of Directors, the Flowering Bridge Leadership, HNG Foundation, Directors of Rumbling Bald Resort, the leadership of Lake Lure Classical Academy, Chimney Rock State Park Management, Friends of the Library, our many non-profit organizations, business owners and our residents. 

    The temperament is constant, the spirit of service and its importance to the Gorge is alive and well.   So, next time you look at our logo and you see those five leaves, be reminded that there is a meaning there and that we do indeed have Deep Roots & Strong Connections with the people, visitors, places, and businesses of the Gorge.

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    The Chamber of Hickory Nut Gorge - Your advocate and representative with Local Government

    Much of our work on behalf of our members or in the name of strengthening tourism and the local economy is slow, quiet work involving a lot of collaborative partners. One such partner is the Town of Lake Lure. Your Chamber and its board leadership are committed to having a seat at the table when it comes to the decisions and direction we all take to move the Gorge forward.

    That commitment is indeed collaborative, as the Town of Lake Lure is the largest financial stakeholder support that the Chamber has. We take this level of support seriously and understand that it means we work closely with the Town is identifying and executing together those initiatives and projects that will best benefit the citizens and visitors to our area.

    Over the next year, we will provide updates to our members on how we are specifically working with the Town on several economic development fronts.

    For now, you may wish to review our 2019 State of the Hickory Nut Gorge Chamber Presentation to the Town of Lake Lure, made earlier this year.