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  • Guest Service Training

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  • Providing the tools that businesses need to create a heart of hospitality in the Gorge

  • The Heart of Hospitality

    The Chamber’s Guest Service Training Program equips managers, owners, and front-line service providers with valuable tools that will enable them to implement this powerful and positive customer service curriculum into their business with the goal of creating an environment of heartfelt hospitality throughout our community.

    Initiated from two well-attended and well-received customer service seminars offered by the Chamber, this program is reflective of the deep passion, strong leadership, and hard work of our community. Thanks to the commitment of some very dedicated volunteers, the Chamber’s Guest Service Support Team was formed with the mission of crafting an effective yet fun customer-focused training program for the Gorge. This program provides easy-to-implement tools including video tutorials (starring our own community members), supporting documents, and a checklist that the Chamber is offering to our community at no charge. We believe it’s important to support our business leaders and provide educational materials that will increase their bottom line.

  • Here are the basic steps for learning this program if you are a front-line service provider or someone who will be training others:

    • No matter whether you’re a business owner, manager, or front-line service provider, please watch the first training video entitled:  “The Heart of Hospitality:  It Starts With You.” This video gives viewers a basic understanding about why service is important, an overview of this program and how to work toward improving service in your business

    • Next, please watch the second video, “You Make A Difference,” which shares our basic community service philosophy using the acronym GUEST

    • Then, please view the final video, “Turn A Frown Upside Down,” which uses the acronym LAST to teach viewers how to turn unhappy guests into happy ones—your “last” chance to save their business

    • Each video is supported by collateral materials that will help you to train others, share the basic service points in your business location for maximum impact, utilize professionally designed logos for promoting outstanding service, and includes a full copy of the brand statement about our community.  Please print out whatever copies you need to help remind you or your folks about the important points in this program.

    • A checklist is included that provides an excellent guide for using the videos to train everyone in your organization

    The more we work toward a higher service standard, the more we benefit!  Please take the time to work through this program and share it with everyone you can! If you have questions about this program send to info@hickorynutchamber.org

  • Trainer Checklist

    This checklist will help you and your staff stay on track and stay motivated.