• Member Spotlight

    Coffee on the Rocks – Our Member Spotlight for June

    You might be wondering what great coffee, beautiful scenery, dressing up in a costume, and old-time photography has to do with one another.

    However, once you meander through the doors of Coffee on the Rocks in Chimney Rock Village, it becomes apparent that for owner Bruce Godzik and his parents Frank and Sandy, these things do indeed all go together.

    From the aroma of fresh roasted coffee and pastries to the local art, photography, and gifts inside, this isn’t just any run of the mill coffee café.

    Don’t just have coffee.  Channel your inner actor or actress by dressing the part, and then having your picture made. Why not? Coffee on the Rocks has costumes that fit over your street clothes.  With plenty of props to complete the look, you can be a deputy, a gunfighter, saloon girl, or even a hillbilly!

    Coffee on the Rocks is fairly literal too. Located on the river side of bustling Chimney Rock Village, the Riverwalk is just a few steps away, meaning customers can enjoy a relaxing stroll along the Rocky Broad River while having their coffee “on the rocks.”

    Bruce is no stranger to the world of coffee and customer relations. Even though his professional background is in creative arts, he was introduced to the coffee industry while visiting a friend’s coffee plantation in Costa Rica in the early 1990s.

    “I was immediately intrigued by the process of farm to cup.”   

    The shop features fresh roasted coffee, espresso, lattes, blended ice frappes, smoothies and teas, delicious deserts, muffins, pastries, and yummy mini cinnamon rolls. There is also an assortment of snacks, protein bars, granola, and cold drinks for all the hikers and climbers in the area.

    Asked about his favorite aspect of the business he said, “We really enjoy meeting folks from all over the world, having coffee with new found friends and making memories,” he said.

    Prior to opening the business in 2010, Bruce was an art director for Amazing Pictures and developed photo and video products for Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and several other theme parks and attractions.

    When he isn’t busy running the business, Bruce is also the assistant fire chief for Chimney Rock Village Fire Department. He took over as assistant chief earlier this year. Throughout the Party Rock Fire last November, Bruce and several other Village Firefighters were on the frontlines.

    Thank you, Bruce for bringing you creative business to Hickory Nut Gorge and for being such a great example of community leadership!